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Credential Verification Service

Universal Degree provides Credential Verification Service in collaboration with Corllins University. Through our education verification service, the prospect employers or educational institutions are ensured that the credentials of our students are 100% authentic and credible. As soon as you are approved for your desired degree or diploma, you are entitled to avail our Credential Verification Service, even before you receive your graduation package.

We provide Credential Verification Service through the following mediums:

There are various ways through which we provide the education verification service to our students.

  • Education Verification Letters are issued with the graduation package.

    These letters contain information such as the program you were enrolled in, your year of completion, your GPA, etc. You can submit these letters to your prospective or current employers or institutes, as per their requirements. They can then verify your documents by using the internet link provided in the letters.
  • Education Verification Letters are sent through Postal Mail to your employer or educational institute.

    This service is offered for your convenience and to guarantee the satisfaction of your employer or institute
  • Education Verification Service is provided through toll free line 24x7.

    (on request by the student). If you want we can email your employer or education institution and ensure them about the credibility of your credentials.
  • Education Verification Service is provided through email

    You can ask your educational institution or employer to call directly on our toll free line to make sure that your credentials are authentic and credible.
  • Education Verification Service is provided through Fax.

    As per details submitted by you, we can fax your employer or educational institution.
  • Education Verification Service is provided Online.

    We will provide your employer or educational institution a URL from where they can get your educational documents verified.